Asperges à la Flamande

Asperges à la Flamande

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A popular family staple in every Belgian household, Asperges à la Flamande is affectionately called the white
gold of Belgium.

White asparagus 1kg
Egg 6
Soy sauce 12ml
Butter 250g
Lemon 1
Parsley (Italian-flat) 25g
Nutmeg 1 pinch
Sea salt to taste

• Peel the asparagus and steam for
8 minutes.
• Place in cold water, then remove and
pat dry.
• Cook 4 eggs at 68°C for 1 hour.
Cool in water. When cool, extract
the yolks.
• Blend 100g of (cooked) yolk with 12ml
soy sauce. Strain and save in a
piping bottle.
• Cook 2 eggs in boiling water for
8 minutes till hard boiled. Cool in cold
water, then peel off the shell.
• Dice the cooked egg white.
• Melt 200g butter and clarify.
• Dice the lemon after removing its
outer rind and set aside.
• Clean the parsley and cut with a
sharp knife.
• Heat the remaining butter, then roll the
cooked asparagus in hot butter.

• Plate the egg yolk purée and
asparagus, drizzle the hot butter and
garnish with the parsley, lemon and
egg white.
• Season with a pinch of nutmeg
and salt.